This marks the start of Common Tests 2

I am tired already. Today is the start of Common Test 2 2012 for myself and I had two English papers today. I decided to write about “Happiness” as a narrative piece, making use of the short thingamajig I wrote two days back about freedom. Though my essay may have strayed from the theme of “Happiness” and also been rather messy, i.e. I didn’t have any idea what I was writing on, I just rambled on and on and on…

I said that happiness could be very subjective, that different people have varying perceptions on what happiness meant. To this particular man, happiness meant to be able to spend time with his family and to be released from jail. Like I said, my essay kind of strayed from happiness, in the sense that I didn’t write about how he was happy, but instead how he could have been happier and the regret he faced. Also, a couple of years later upon his release, only then did he truly feel happy. And yeah it’s true, isn’t it? That everyone has their own definition of happiness.

Not like I really know what makes me happy yet but whatever.

Moving on, I have suddenly realised that this is to be my first examinations without A.Maths, ever since I had dropped the subject some time ago this year when I really couldn’t cope with it any more. Chinese papers are tomorrow and I just hope it passes by quickly and that I am able to get alright marks. Social Studies exam on Friday and all the others are during the following(?) week, during 8-11 May.

Time to sleep.



Ulysses wringed his grimy hands in despair as memories of the past suddenly flooded his mind. Oh, how he wished none of this ever happened and he was leading a normal life. What was freedom? He no longer knew of freedom. The freedom that once belonged to him had been cruelly snatched away from him before his very own eyes. He yearned to escape. He longed to get out of this never-ending misery. Yet, he knew that this situation was nothing but a result of his own faults.

The bed sounded a faint creaky noise as he adjusted his position on the bed to a more comfortable one. The mattress was gross, by no doubt. It had an odd feeling to it that he never got used to, even though it had been years since he entered this prison cell. He stared blankly at the chipped paint that had been peeling off from the walls for the longest time. He wondered what his life would have been now if he had not been so foolish back then; His life now has been reduced to that of a caged bird, one that was deprived of the freedom it had had.

Ulysses had not met his daughter ever since the day he entered the prison cell. He picked up the precious photograph that had started to yellow slightly, carefully handling it. It was a picture of his wife, along with his baby daughter. Well, at least his daughter was still a baby when he last saw her. The youthfulness of his wife and daughter were frozen in the photo; years have since passed since this photograph had been taken and time must have had an effect on them already.

He felt so sorry for his wife and his daughter. How hard his wife must have worked to raise their daughter single-handedly, while he being the husband and traditionally expected to bring home to bacon was stuck behind these cold metal bars for what seemed like eternity. His daughter too, must have had a hard time growing up without a father, or rather, without even knowing the fact that her father was very well alive despite her mother hiding the fact that her father was a prisoner.